EST 1690

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Est 1690.
Robert Barry | Candice Jacobs | Chris Shaw Hughes | Elizabeth Rowe

On the Thursday 28th February 2013 every household in the city limits of Worcester UK received an edition artwork 1 of 41000 from Robert Barry, Candice Jacobs, Elizabeth Rowe and Chris Shaw Hughes. The exclusive arts edition is the first in an annual presentation entitled Est. 1690. The lead artist Robert Barry along with established and new artists have been have been specially commissioned to respond to the oldest newspaper in the world.

The printed press industry is in a fragile state. Local, regional, national and international papers are folding under the strain of news on demand and the network of Internet based news, rolling news channels and social media deliver the news faster than print can follow. Homogenisation, monopoly and cartels, news groups and consolidation of the printed press networks is rife. Increasingly the independence of local news is under threat.

Special thanks to Yvon Lambert Gallery, Paris and Klemens Gasser & Tanja Grunert Gallery NYC

Tornado 2014

Chris Shaw Hughes: Chris Shaw Hughes has chosen as his subject the Worcester Tornado of 1953; Worcester? Tornado? This work is a dry elusion to climate change, interference in time, geography and space. Referencing a different Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts in the US, and the tornado season of 1953. The Worcester storm, an F4 by most accounts, ranks 19th with 94 deaths across the region. In total, 1953 reported 422 tornadoes resulting in 519 deaths. June contributed 111 tornadoes and 244 deaths to that figure. No year since 1953 has been as deadly. By using this détournement Hughes references a future where extreme weather events might become a feature of the climate in the UK, a far more volatile and extreme one. Interestingly newspapers are also turning to the weather and the public appetite for disaster to sell copies in a time of dwindling sales for the printed press..

‘For today’s busy woman,’ 2013

Candice Jacobs: For this commission, Jacobs has created ‘For today’s busy woman,’ 2013, an enlarged version of the Kays Catalogue logo, a Worcester based employer from 1890 – 2007, that provided the public with a “Shopping by Post” service. Kays claimed that people loved the simplicity of their credit without interest system and "the pleasure of seeing what you have chosen before you paid, having the whole store in your hands, packed with the things that you most enjoy buying - with the time to make the right decisions and time to see that you have not been misled by illustrations or descriptions", a pre-cursor to what systems now exist with online shopping. Ironically however, credit without interest systems and virtual spending via credit cards and store cards are one of the many reasons we have become a society that now lives in perpetual debt.

‘Suit Yourself’ / Medium: Ink on magazine / Original Size: 231 x 292 mm

Elizabeth Rowe : Elizabeth Rowe has made a unique drawing by embellishing and drawing over an advert from a magazine. The original, a grid of Miramax DVD's, has almost become lost in the new visual information she has added. Dots, lines, scribbles and smears interrupt the surface and offer a new interpretation of the advert for Hollywood blockbusters. In so doing, the work invites us to consider how we might counteract the transmission of dominant popular cultural narratives.

Untitled (Est1690)

Robert Barry has created a text based art work with a selection of carefully chosen words that are invisible revealing the newspaper that lies beneath.

EDITION OF 50 + 15 AP's