DoL & PITT projects are proud to present Backroom 1987-2012 by Spanish artist Antoni Muntadas and collateral works by Nathaniel Pitt, Ned James and Saulius Leonavicus. Backroom 1987-2012 is a durational installation first made in 1987 and then repeated in 2012 and adapted for Meter Room, Coventry. The installation is a conversation about the private, public spaces in every institution and the transparency of the activities that take place therin. Backroom is a version of another work called Quarto do Fundo - backroom from 1987. Muntadas placed a CCTV camera in the backroom of the Luisa Strina Gallery / Galeria Luisa Strina in Sao Paulo, access to this room is barred by a rope. The backroom in a commercial gallery is a space for keeping archives, documents, the store of works and most importantly where many dealings in the art market are made.

“Technology forces the door of the secret and the indiscreet camera unfolds what belongs to this category of the invisible, the constitutive principle of the exercise of power.” (Muntadas – Volume 1 Between / Museo Nacional Centro de Arte pg.241)

Backroom 1987 / 2013

Antonio Muntadas

Meter Room - part I of "A Floor Plan for an Institution"

A Floor Plan for an Institution 2012 by Daniel Pryde-Jarman / 'Floor Plan for an Institution is a durational collaborative project, whereby artist-curators from 5 artist-run spaces have been invited to contribute to the design of a speculative artist-run institution within the Meter Room project space, as a means of collectively imagining an alternative model for what an art institution could be.” This curatorial brief set by Daniel is active research that tests ideas culminated in Daniel’s PhD. Using Chantal Mouffe’s theories on ‘counter-hegemony’ and Jacques Rancière’s concept of ‘dissensus’ Daniel is exploring how the operation of artist-curator-run spaces can be used to contest hegemonic and dominant systems of art production.