Andy Holden © Film still from Chewy Cosmos, Tate/Channel 4, 2013

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Eduardo PAHILDA (BR)
Warren & Dyer (UK, AUS)

*Supported by NEW Art West Midlands

"What is the truth about rock music? Music is a powerful and perhaps the most powerful medium in the world. Music. Plato says when the music of a society changes, the whole society will change. Aristotle, a contemporary of Plato's, says when music changes there should be laws to govern the nature and the character of that music. Lenin says that the best and the quickest way to undermine any society is through it's music...Music, ladies and gentleman, is the gift of God it was given to man to offer praises to God and to lift us up to him and to exalt Him to touch the tender recesses of our hearts and of our minds. Satan has taken music and he has counterfeited it, convoluted it, twisted it, exploited it and now he's using it to hammer, hammer, hammer, hammer, hammer a message into the minds and the lifestyles of this generation."

Swaggert, Jimmy [sermon] taken from PWEI, Cure For Sanity, 1990,The Incredible Pwei Vs. The Moral Majority Lyrics

“No man ever wetted clay and then left it, as if there would be bricks by chance and fortune.”


Past Projects:

It's Closing Time for Gardens of the West (2015)
Warren & Dyer at Palazzo Mora, Collateral Events, La Biennale di Venezia
Wayne Warren and Jayne Dyer.

Est1690. #2
Victor Burgin, David Blamey, Chris Hodson and Nicole Mortiboys, Jeremy Hutchison

June 18-22 2014 / Daniel Bosworth & Saulius Leonivicius at Art Vilnius 2014

March 5-14 2014 / ART V. SPORT / at Dallas Art Fair produced by Wayne Warren, Tom Russotti and Jayne Dyer

Feb 22/24 2014/ Studio<>Visit #4,5 / Sally Payen, John Robinson / Art 14 with Star Gallery

Feb 01 2014 / Beuys Live Art Day / Mikhail Karikis, Clare Thornton, Martin Prosser, Mycah Tequeron, Anaïs Lalange, Joseph Beuys / Documentation by Daniel Bosworth, Ana Rutter & Timothy James Pratt / co-curated by Sonya Russell-Saunders

Nov - Jan 2013 / Studio<>Visit #3 / Art14 production / John M Robinson / visits tbc.

Sept - Oct 2013 / Studio <>Visit #2 / New Sculpture from the Rodd / Charlie Hurcombe / Visit by private collector

Aug 2013 / Studio<>Visit #1 / The Garden Party, NuCon / Paul Johnson / Visit by BAZ

July 2013 / My Gallerist Won't Come / Saulius Leonavicius

July 2013 / Worcestershire - Contemporary Art / I Am The Warrior Juneau Projects

March 2013 / Est 1690 part I / Robert Barry, Candice Jacobs, Elizabeth Rowe, Chris Shaw Hughes

Dec 12 - Feb 2013 / Backroom 1987/2013 Antonio Muntadas

July 2012 / Dymaxion Playground / Gavin Wade